Monday, 17 June 2013

Dear Books...

It's been a long time. Since March 28th to be exact. Forgive me because you know how much I love you, but for some reason since my diagnosis every effort to find relief in your pages has been for naught. I have never gone through a period this long away from you - but I've find it impossible to escape my thoughts long enough to immerse myself in words except in short spurts that don't lend themselves to the kind of time we used to spend together. So today, when my Mom decided a visit to Munro's was in order, what could I do but pretend we had some future together - that it was okay to commit to something that might take more than five minutes because I'll likely be around long enough to get through. So I left the store with two of you - no Kobo reader - real honest to God pages - to turn and hold and savour - until the bitter end.


  1. Enjoy, little love. And I am so glad you are back to pages. Much as I love the portability of my Kobo, I had not realized how much I missed the heft of a book until I started reading one recently - and have actually been skipping chores to indulge. (Okay, it's not like that is so much of a sacrifice... but still...) Hope the reads are great - after all, you are a true reader. xo

  2. What books did you get Michelle?
    Yesterday on the plane I read Chronic Condition (by the Globe and Mail columnist) and it was actually quite a compelling book with lots of surprising historical context about which I was previously unaware).

    1. I picked up David Sedaris' latest in hardcover and Kate Atkinson's latest Life after Life - which I can't wait to devour! (She continues to be my all time favourite...Behind the Scenes at the Museum is a particular stand-out!)