Thursday, 3 October 2013

Update to My Previous Post

So I just deleted the first negative comment in response to one of my blog posts. In a nutshell, "Anonymous" described me as "classless" for describing what I wrote on my blog, particularly when I had worked in the communications industry so long. As I have an end-stage illness you will forgive me for not being tolerant of such a remark. Nor with my experience do I feel even a little bit sorry for describing this event. Further, and for complete clarity, I was stuck in the middle of a lengthy single-file security line-up and was not "eavesdropping" (the description used by "Anonymous") and I told him directly when I had the opportunity - who I was. I was in front of someone who was completely indifferent to the fact he was having a private conversation in close proximity to dozens of people talking in a loud voice with no attempt at discretion. There was no indication whatsoever the ministry or government were bending to his views - and he said very clearly at the beginning that he was in a public place - so he knew very well it was risky. I am no one's judge and jury and have been more than forthcoming about my own mistakes - as regular readers of this blog know all too well.


  1. Wow. I don't think your previous post was classless at all. It made me a little sad on the one hand because I think corporations and government are too cozy and corrupt, but it made me very happy that you spoke to that man. I think he was classless and you were brave.

    Also, I have been lurking for a month or so and I enjoy your writing very much.

  2. It was far from classless! Thank you for sharing.