Thursday, 15 August 2013

Get Back!

One of Kirk's stand-by sayings is "If there weren't two kinds of luck, we would have none of it". I am thinking about that saying because as luck would have it, my back has gone out. This is not the first time - it happened at least twice before and with the aid of physiotherapy was whipped back into relative shape. I called three different sources today to ask if it was okay for me to get my back massaged back into alignment in light of my other woes and got three different answers. In the end I'm going with my family doctor who believes if I'm in pain, get it fixed. (Did I mention I love her?) So I'm going to get it taken care of tomorrow and in the meantime Kirk is now calling me in Crane...and I have to say as looks go, it is likely an improvement. While it isn't fun, there is something about this that I find incredibly humorous. I just can't do anything else but laugh because feeling pain at this point is better than the alternative and the sound of my own whinging is becoming a bore. If my body is trying to tell me something, all I have to say is stop shouting - I hear you!

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