Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Mama Don't Take My Kodachrome Away

This morning Kirk picked up some photographs lying on a shelf upstairs. Most of them were taken in Toronto from the first few precious visits to see Kirk's son Aaron - who happens to be an amazing commercial photographer, and his spectacular partner Shannon. In particular they were pictures of the first time we got to hold their first baby boy, Aanji. We couldn't help but appreciate the difference between holding those pictures in our hands - the particular memories they evoked - as opposed to scrolling through pictures on a computer where somehow something seems lost. Call it nostalgia - but I love old photographs...the feel of them in my hands - lingering on the images and memories that accompany them...starkly measuring where we were in times past and appreciating those captured moments - the feel of a baby in my arms - that sweet, baby smell that defies description - instantly recalled. Now Aanji is five and he has a little brother, Binaakwe...time and circumstances have changed but not those physical reminders of a time when it was all fresh and new and none of the current clouds to colour those treasured recollections - the embodiment of a place and time for which I will be forever grateful.

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