Wednesday, 25 September 2013

This Magic Moment

So I just have to share this while it is fresh in my mind and so I adequately document what might seem like a small moment - but has moved me beyond words. I had a message today from someone I had worked with back in 2003, who had read these pages and took the time to brighten my day with a note. It is actually hard for me to write this down - but I will persevere. She shared that way back in the day, when sadly her own dad was dying of lung cancer, I had stepped into her office and offered to grocery shop or do anything else she needed - a gesture that had in all honesty slipped from my woeful memory - but one that she had never forgotten. We didn't know one another well at the time - though she was always exceptionally kind and warm. You see this story and the purpose of telling you this is not about me or any reflection it might cast upon either one of us - but the tremendous impact of what we say or do not say in those hardest moments when someone is struggling and keeping up their very brave face in the midst of some personal turmoil. In putting my story out there for the world to see - warts and all - what I continue to be given are the most magical gifts - the surprising and often overwhelming disclosures from some very special people I have met on this journey. I could equally tell you a story of someone who might not remember me in such a fond fashion - and that is a burden I suspect we all have to carry. But for now - for today - I will take this gem and contemplate the power of a gesture - however small - and this new world of miracles that continues to knock on my door.

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