Saturday, 15 March 2014

Advanced Care Plans and Reading the Fine Print

Postcript to my previous post...So relatively early on in my journey and together with my lovely family doctor Leah Norgrove we put together an advanced care plan. I remember at the time her warning me to be careful about how prescriptive I might be tempted to be in what is a legally binding document - about what I did and did not want to prolong life at the end. I realized with a vengeance yesterday how prophetic that was. Something as simple as a wound going septic or a urine infection (easily treated) could actually end my life sooner rather than later. While I was clear about a DNR order - we discussed at the time that something easy to take care of if it was in the system's power to do so and would help provide comfort - which this whole approach has been predicated on - should not be ruled out entirely and that we would deal with these issues as they arose. So yesterday was one of those watershed moments and I didn't hesitate to say yes let's deal with it - sooner rather than later. Would seem wrong after all of this to let something so trivial in the scheme of things lead to my demise. Not that I am bargaining for more time - and am as prepared as I could possibly be for what will come naturally - but nor am I ready to completely relent to the smaller things that may ease the pain along the road. (And a huge thanks to the ever amazing Palliative Response Team and in particular nurse Sandra for responding so quickly today to begin the painful task of tending to my wounds - efficiently and so kindly...the first of daily visits to address this latest hurdle.)

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