Monday, 23 December 2013

Everyone Has A Story

There are so many ways to share pieces of ourselves in this wide, wide world of social media. I used to be an intermittent observer - but now depend on it in a more fundamental way to stay connected to people in my personal and professional life as I spend more and more time unable to engage in other ways. While Facebook and Twitter are places I dwell - on a whim I decided last night to try my hand at a new medium - Linked In - which in some respects seems ludicrous as I am in no way trolling for employment these days but did manage to set up a rudimentary profile with a link to this blog.  In reality I was motivated by my efforts to find a woman who I was very close to growing up who I thought had once been listed there - and sadly haven't found as yet. However, what I did find was a whole new series of connections that otherwise might have been lost had I not joined up and started to receive some messages back. I know I have marvelled before at how sharing my tale, such as it is, has inspired some heartfelt and deeply personal revelations from people who I have passed on this road of life and how in letting my own secrets go - others have been in some ways inspired to share aspects some of their own struggles with me - their bravery and courage in confronting demons in their own lives and families that might have otherwise stayed in the dark corners. It is in part an affirmation of my refusal to go quietly into the greater light without saying - often in too much detail - what happens when the denial and shutters we close on our story keeps us isolated from our true selves and from those we love and admire. To everyone - in particular one person today who reached out to me with her own powerful words - my love, my thanks and my endless wonder at how these stories unite us in ways I never thought possible. My wonder...knows no bounds right now - when your heart extends the invitation - it is amazing what you receive in return.

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