Saturday, 28 December 2013

Pages from My Diary - Age 11-and-three-quarters

"January 10
Dear Diary,
Today was just a big bore. We didn't do anything. My sister got a new $75 jacket. It is down-filled, red and black. Really nice! I don't know if I should get one or not. I have to babysit at the ______'s tonight. (Of all the rotten things to have to do). I just know they are going to be bratty. (As if they aren't always.) Mostly though I listened to my records after school and after supper before Mr _______ comes to pick me up. I think I will buy that jacket after all. I'm writing this at different times. I might write something about the rest of it tomorrow. Well so long, Michelle"

"February 22
Dear Diary,
I am going to have a new system.
A+ excellent
A good
A- fair
B+ nice
B middle
B- okay
C+ not too good
C getting very bad
C bad
C- bad, bad
D+ rotten
D yucky"

"February 23. Dear Diary, B-" (Clearly the new system was a time-saver.)  
Post-script to this note: I was a licensed baby-sitter. I took a course and everything!

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