Friday, 27 December 2013

Let's Have a Party!

After adamantly declaring that when I go meekly into the light (!) there will be no ceremony of any sort - a position I have stood firm on for months now - I appear to have turned a corner on that front. Having ruled out burial at sea, a funeral pyre lit by someone who dislikes me (a parting gift) and my general thought that my ashes be stored in a closet out of people's way - I have landed on the good old "celebration of life" ceremony as an option. I have shifted to event planning mode - considering optimal timing and venue - the boredom factor at such events and how to pace things in a way that we don't lose the audience. I will admit it is a morbid pursuit - but some people have told me that something like this would be expected. Fair enough, I say, but let's try to keep it on the light side. I was a mid-level manager - not the Queen of Sheba - so cannons and an honour guard would seem excessive. I suppose in engaging in this I am assuming someone might be interested in coming - which is also a giant leap into the highly improbable on my part. Would ten chairs suffice or would five be more realistic? Could my mom just bring her teapot from home? Should the perm years be included in the inevitable slide show or should I just confess now that many of those photos were inexplicably destroyed in my zest to rid myself of earthly goods in advance of our move? Of course booking a venue is problematic as the precise timing is undetermined. Probably not fiscally prudent to hold a venue for the next six months - so someone else may have to sort out that tiny detail. In any event, it gives me something to think about in between packing for our move and wondering where the dog's water dishes should go. Shame I won't be around to evaluate its success and pick up some tips for next time - but maybe someone can try and let me know how it turned out in any event!


  1. Having finally managed to catch up with all of your entries to date (and at a couple of points, fearing that the next swipe across the screen would fail to take me to a subsequent entry), I just HAD to come back and comment here.
    1. Being the wonderful and generous person that you are, of COURSE you would entertain the notion of simply gifting "funeral pyre lighting rights" to someone... but I see a potentially untapped fundraising market here! Perhaps those who suspect, downright fear, or outright know, that there is someone out there who would gleefully strike that match, could build that option into their final arrangements - contingent, however, on a donation to the charity of their choice. In cases where the arrangee knows for a fact that they'll be taking a step down the Karmic ladder next time around, some time could be set aside for auctioning of those rights... and so on. See where I'm going?
    2. You will need more than 10 chairs.

    <3 E

    1. Very creative suggestion as always, Miss Eryn! (And we will see about the chair thing, my lovely! Xo)