Thursday, 7 November 2013

Eleven Things I am Grateful For Right Now

1. My incredible family in all of its iterations.
2. My equally incredible wee dogs.
3. A working life that was rich with experiences and colleagues who amazed me daily.
4. Books. Period.
5. Every genre of music - and the songs in particular that make me smile.
6. My amazing doctor, Leah, and my equally amazing specialist. No matter how many times I apologize for taking up their time - they give me the most incredible care.
7. A city I never tire of waking up in.
8. A heart that beats and beats...
9. The notes and well wishes of so many people who took the time to tell me they cared.
10. A warm house and all of the comforts I am fortunate enough to have.
11. Just everything.

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