Friday, 15 November 2013

Looking for Home in All the Wrong Places

I have come to the conclusion that looking at houses is a lot like looking for a suitor. It is easy to be sucked in by the exterior and the fancy features - but is it built to last? Will it stand by you through inclement weather - withstand the toll of all that you impose upon it - make you feel safe? In short, you have to kiss a lot of toads - and sometimes things go even further than that - expensive mistakes - but correctable - lessons learned and all that. But you see that space and you fall in love just a little bit - feel your heart shift - see yourselves walking and your dream home...forever and ever...amen. And every time you picture yourself...not the imperfect you that sits in the mirror - but a brand new energized you - in the place you deserve to be - you are both perfect in every way - you and your future shangri-la. Until the next one comes along...

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