Thursday, 7 November 2013

When The Fifteen Minutes Has To Stop

I admit it. I mocked, shared, derided, retweeted and posted my fair share of Rob Ford's humiliating ride to the bottom. As one who currently sits at the bottom, you'd think I would have known better - seen the connection far sooner than now. But I am done - ashamed to be a party to it - along with the people of Toronto, the country, the world. I get it - it is too juicy to ignore - too rich with punch lines to let it go. It is the train wreck that keeps repeating - it will not stop - and the toadies and enablers keep feeding this beast while we the audience lick our chops on the sidelines. Yes he is a public figure - "running" a massive city - so anything goes - anything is fair game - he asked for this when he ran for public office - and yes I can get the joke. But this ugly, sad spectacle has turned so sour, the denial so deep and unyielding that I really have to look away. Because there go I and one million other people, living out a litany of behaviours that are all about the power of addiction - of not being able to stop. I could continue to stare and to participate - and really I do not blame or judge anyone who does - but I personally - right this minute, need to look away.


  1. I've wondered how much of the determination to laugh at Rob Ford, and focus on the crack rather than the alcohol, is masking a broad uneasiness about people's own addictions.

    1. Too true Paul - within the legions watching it unfold are countless souls who have no doubt been touched in some way personally - perhaps not on this scale - but I know many people for whom it rings too uncomfortably true. I truly don't mean to pontificate about people's choices - as the denial is equally powerful.