Thursday, 14 November 2013

Whatever Gets You Through The Night - It's Alright

In the absence of Yoko Ono who is apparently very skilled at this (getting through the night) according to the lyrics of Mr. Lennon's song - sleep - as I have mentioned before - has been a bit of a challenge for me. You just can't put a price-tag on the miracle of sleeping dreamlessly for seven hours - well actually you can - if you have a prescription, that is. While I am a big poo-pooer of the drug industry generally, I hypocritically draw the line just short of those items that benefit me personally. I have completely surrendered in this area - bugger the cost - and personally I wouldn't have it any other way. The down-side (and there is always a down-side when it comes to these things) is that my old blissful habit of leisurely weekend naps has crumbled. The two times I tried it I had horrifying real-estate related nightmares - including one that oddly had me roasting a chicken during a house viewing - which caused us to over-stay the showing time - only to be confronted by a belligerent home-owner who wanted me gone (and the chicken wasn't done yet...). This may not seem like much of a nightmare - but it seemed to be at the time. But oh the bliss of closing my eyes at night - not nervously watching the clock to watch the minutes and hours tick by - not something to be feared, but embraced. Yoko, you've got nothing on me.

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