Tuesday, 12 November 2013


Today as of 4:51pm it was final, final. It had come down to two almost identical offers - a young couple with a property to sell and an older couple who didn't. The older couple won out. After all of the toil, the worry, the cleaning, the showings - it all felt strangely anti-climatic. I look around me and somehow it already feels like it is slipping away - that maybe some part of me has already said good-bye to this house - while another wants to cling on tightly - not let go. It is beautiful - knew it the moment I saw it on the web-site - it was a dream that did come true. It was not perfect - but the next best thing to it - it was where we wanted to be - not too big and not too small - just right. This is the house where Kirk's first grand-child, Aanji, spent his first Christmas - where we said good-bye to our wee cat Chaos a few days after moving in, where we welcomed our ginger-eared Miss Daisy dog into our lives, where I made the decision to leave my job forever, where I got the phone call that told me my kidneys were failing.  All of these things happened in these walls and we will walk away from it in the New Year - to a future that is not certain. Our goal was to sell it - and we did - quickly and with a minimum of fuss, all things considered. It did not linger...it was the right thing to do. And yet...



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