Sunday, 23 February 2014


So I felt compelled to pop in to express my sincere appreciation for the latest pair of healing hands that have tended to me when I was falling. Last night the lovely Kate, part of the team of unsung heroes who provide home care-based nursing to palliative and other patients through Island Health - came calling when reaching out for help became necessary. I can't say enough about the feeling of reassurance when she came to call, checking all of my vital signs and talking me through - gently and with great compassion - recommending a new course of treatment to my family doctor to help ease the congestion that has taken root in my chest. It is hard for any of us to reveal our weakness, our dependence when our bodies get the better of us - and feeling the freedom to reach out without risk of judgement, knowing the person who shows up at the door - brings with them a wealth of experience and depth of caring, inspires a sense of confidence and peace that is hard to put into words. I have tried, over and over, to explain how valuable this service is - a service I barely knew existed before I found myself falling with only a phone number to call. Day or night - weekday or weekend - they are there - these angels - sweeping in, taking charge and leaving you feeling like you have been touched by greatness that is not fully recognized in the behemoth that is our health care system. I say this knowing health authorities will be in the throes of finalizing budgets - making difficult decisions about what can be sustained. I can only say that it would be foolish and cruel indeed to abandon this life-sustaining service and confine patients like me to ER waiting rooms when additional support is necessary. So this is for Kate and Joan and Stephanie and every other nurse who has tended to me in my hour of need. I send my love, my thanks and my sincere appreciation for what you so modestly and quietly give.

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