Thursday, 6 February 2014

Time to Cull Who We Call A Celebrity

I can't for the life of me understand what defines a celebrity these days. I speak of course of the contestants on reality shows and of course, the biggest offenders in my mind, the Kardashians in all of their money-grubbing vacuousness. There is simply nothing positive to recommend them for public apparent talent or skills....and yet they seem to have it in spades.
But by far on the list of egregious business ventures they have come up with is a sales pitch for a tanning salon company in which the three eldest daughters peddle the "Kardashian glow". Their commercial which I was sadly exposed to last night - has the gruesome threesome urging the impressionable to hurry and avail themselves - because tans make you look "skinny" among other hog-wash.
The link between tanning salons and skin cancer is a known fact - not to mention selling impressionable young people on some fake route to a modern flawed version of what goes for beauty these days. The whole thing is beyond objectionable. I say we boycott the ad and send a clear message to that they need to pull it off the air and try another route if they insist on dragging false and misleading words into the mix...and while they are at it take a hard look at who represents their erstwhile product.


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