Tuesday, 11 February 2014

You Give Me Fever

I should be used to these sudden twists - they are more frequent now - the fall from something resembling normal - the hope and optimism that accompanies that state - to feeling exactly what I would expect in this phase of my journey. Add to the mix a dash of cold/flu and in short - I have had a couple of days of feeling terribly sorry for myself and forgive me for saying, but so ready for this to end. It is ironic after a couple of days in which a visit from dear friends and time with Kirk's daughter Miranda made it all seemed so far away. But it is here and each time seems to bring new indignities - leaving me wondering what comes next. It is dangerous for me to write when I feel this way, but a fever seems to wrench out all the bad stuff which I suppose is sometimes necessary. Though never a huge fan of the Olympics, I've found myself with time to kill so have distracted myself by weeding through the corporate messaging and embracing the spirit of it all - watching sports I never had much time for - but appreciating nonetheless the raw power of the athleticism - the thrill of the chase. Puts things in a certain perspective - where a mere flu seems a silly distraction waged against the burning flame - the joy of the dance and the agony of defeat.

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