Saturday, 8 February 2014

Old Friends

My mom talked to a dear friend from her past to tell her about the passing of a mutual friend that they had trained with as young would-be nurses. Sharon is a dear person and her kids are about the same age as my sister and me. It is because of her, that my mom travelled to Sharon's home town of Pine Falls, Manitoba one weekend and met my dad for the first time.
She told me Sharon was asking about me as she knows about my situation and has read some of my posts, which touched me deeply. In our minds we are frozen in time and her kids are teenagers...not men and women in middle age like me. It made me teary to think of her concern for me, how she met this news with sadness. I know such things are beyond my power to spare anyone who knew or knows me...and yet I feel grief at what I have wrought upon those who care. Some things just go with this strange territory and they are moments that pass yet lie beneath it all...what I have wrought and cannot take away.

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