Thursday, 13 February 2014

The Plague

You know you are well and truly stricken by flu when it takes you two hours to psych yourself up to have a shower, fearing the cold and shivers when it is all over. This is the state I find myself in, which on top of all of my kidney-related symptoms, is miserable indeed. Kirk and I have both succumbed to it to such a degree that I feel compelled to create a "plague" sign for our front door to warn off the innocent and expect the crew from Monty Python to stroll by with their cart shouting "bring out your dead". We search one another for glimmers of recovery that do not come and people cheerfully inform us it can take "weeks" to run its course. This is terrific news which we greet with painful grimaces. So there is nothing to do but live through it - all of the usual advice applying except the list of items I might take to relieve the annoying congestion and other symptoms is depressingly small. Oh to snap our fingers and come out the other side - and yet when it is gone it will be back to "normal" for me which now is anything but. Still, at this point I would take it.

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