Friday, 3 January 2014

A Funny Thing Happended on the Way to the Crematorium

Planning one's demise is not unlike planning a wedding - which I personally have never done, but I am given to understand there are many lists involved and people get rather maniacal deciding where to seat the relatives they don't care for - and with whom. My lovely binder of information that now resides on my dining room table from the "Palliative Care at Home" program contains all sorts of checklists and helpful tips including a list of local funeral homes. As the prospect of being "six feet under" never was particularly appealing to me - I prefer the thought of cremation - less baggage to carry around for all concerned - and somehow during the visit from my lovely home care nurse yesterday the question came up around whether I had picked one. One doesn't find a lot of reviews from people like me who will actually be clients - but the name of one struck me in an odd way. "Simply Cremations" which I am given to understand offers a less costly version of what I would expect to be a rather straightforward process - minus the bells and whistles which would seem inappropriate for such an event in any case - is one of my options. Though descriptive it is true, my mind leapt to all of the other products that might be more aptly named this way..."Simply Tires", "Simply Ratchets", "Simply Buttons" - but I am always one for a bargain and in the scheme of things am not likely to complain about lack of customer service after the fact. Other names were likely considered, but they must have tossed out "No Frills Cremations", "Cremations for Less" and "Cremation Liquidation Warehouse". I suppose I could let someone else troll through the list, but one likes to be prepared - and pick the dignified choice.

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