Thursday, 23 January 2014


There has always been a negative tone to the word "settling" - the implication being it meant not striving for something better - actively seeking imperfections and finding reasons to flee. We thought when we made the step of selling our house to find something more sustainable with our changing circumstances that this move would represent the ultimate in settling - a massive comeuppance - a sign of some failure. And yet here we are in our new space - and regardless of the physical challenges I have faced recently, I can say I have never been happier or more at peace since we "settled" for this beautiful haven - this quiet oasis - where off the back deck off the dining room my view is a beautiful cedar tree alive with an increasingly familiar band of squirrels who entertain me with their twitching noses - dive-bombing through the branches and from my living room couch my eyes see only a sea of green. I sleep deeply, breathe deeply - try to take in the peace. This afternoon the dogs and I laid down separately on the living room floor - basking in the sunlight pouring through the sun-deck door - one more content than the other - feeling the warmth flow over us. I haven't set foot in the old house since moving day and have no desire to do so - I said good-bye and that is enough. People who have visited us in both spaces genuinely say this is better - something we don't need to be told. So our wee townhouse is in no way what we settled for - it is the space we are - very happily - settling in.


  1. I think you said in an earlier post -- you are mortgage free....that in itself is the smartest move ever. I have had a mortgage since I was 18 and I hope to do the same thing you just did -- one day. What a feeling that must be! Any economist would thing you and Kirk are simply brilliant. To own a house, car etc and be pretty much debt free is living the dream.
    P.S. -- I am glad the new meds are helping you. You are an inspiration.
    love Beck.

    1. Oh my lovely Becky, thanks for this - and yes we are overflowing with gratitude to achieve some goals I never thought possible. This is the "ying" and "yang" of this experience - without great pain we may never have found this great joy.

  2. And it is a beautiful space - an oasis - you have chosen the perfect place (and preposition)! xo