Sunday, 19 January 2014

All Things are Possible

For a dweller in the blogger world, I have not been terribly adventurous when it comes to exploring other voices. There are some blogs I return to repeatedly however, and one in particular has a particular resonance right now for reasons that may seem self-evident. It is the blog of a Victoria woman, Suzy Spitfyre, who has been on a year-long odyssey to improve her health - kick-started by being a participant in the Times Colonist health challenge. As part of the process she was given access to a personal trainer and her blog (link available from my home page) chronicles her remarkable transformation. It is well beyond a weight loss story - it is the inspirational story of how someone with an eating disorder has through a brave and fearless determination turned her life and her health around - while honestly confronting along the way many of the factors that had kept her in a spiral of behaviour that she has week by week, step by painful step, confronted and largely overcome. It is a stark contrast - the very antithesis - of my own path - one that I admire and at the same time often feel undone by. It is hard not to draw comparisons - make excuses as to why it was seemingly impossible for me to make those same brave steps years ago - to draw a line in the sand and truly confront the disease that has left me in this current state. To not acknowledge that even now - accepting where I am is a cop-out to many and to a part of myself - the part that relented to all of this so willingly. To reinforce my own weakness - failure to thrive - willingness to let this story end. In the end, they are two very different tales - one a cautionary tale and one about the possibility - the very realization of transformation.

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