Thursday, 9 January 2014

Update to My Previous Post

So today I have been waited on like a potentate or a princess - I have no real experience being either so it is pure speculation on my part.(!) Two visits from Stephanie the lovely home care nurse, several reassuring calls with my doctor, my sister Karen rushing from the responsibilities of her job to my side - and Kirk and his daughter Miranda desperately trying to manage unpacking boxes at our new little home and clearing up the last minute preparations for our official move tomorrow and taking care of me. Two new medications to try today and while I am not exactly in top form - I am trying really hard to shift my focus. It is beyond a point of humiliation or apology - it is simply what it is - a brief chapter in this story so far and again, one I would have skipped if I had a say in the matter. However, in saying that I know that as an avid reader - there is always something valuable in riding through the bad parts - if only to help you learn something or at a minimum appreciate the good.
At this point this is what I know to be true: I am not alone. I am in the hands of the most caring, compassionate caregivers. I am loved. On any scale - I have hit the mother lode. And that is the best way to let this chapter end.

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