Monday, 20 January 2014

PostScript to the Previous Post

My wise and ever vigilant sister has challenged me on certain elements of my previous post - reminding me that the nuances and multi-layered nature of the human journey does not benefit from some ill-informed arm-chair comparisons - and that linking two very different dialogues and outcomes is not particularly fair based on the most scant of details. I know in my heart this is true and that I am all too quick to push myself into negative territory when such temptations arise, but at the same time don't regret highlighting some very bold, honest writing and the important odyssey of Suzy's journey.
I could chalk up the tone of my post to a lot of things but honestly believe it is more of a reflection of the physical side of things...does the body beget the feeling - the mood that carries through the day? Probably yes in the case of this day. It is never so simple as to review my own path and dismiss it as if it was simply a case of not trying hard is so much more than that as my sister was quick to remind me. And I will give myself this before bidding this night adieu - I am more than a case of what not to become - more than the cautionary tale I so casually roll-out when I am ready to dig the knife in further. As the song goes "I'm only human" a collective of elements - some of which are worth honouring and those better left dismissed.

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