Sunday, 19 May 2013

Dear Shae Alosius Montgomery Greenfield

Rihanna quote of the day..."B____es (rhymes with witches) be like...Get away from my BFF". This is why she is a role model, presumably. In other news, the Prime Minister's chief of staff resigned for stuffing $90 thousand in Mike Duffy's pockets for inappropriate housing expenses. Apparently he did this "in the public interest" which is understandable because I personally was worried sick about how Duffy would manage.


  1. I do hope that your worrying extends to poor Pamela Wallin.

    As a journo do you have any insight into the powerful entitlement mentality of those two troughligates?

    1. I can easily see how one could rack up 300 thousand in travel expenses going back and forth to Saskatchewan. As a taxpayer I consider it money well spent! (Ha Ha)

  2. I really sincerely hate when bitches be like that.