Friday, 24 May 2013

To Joke or Not To Joke

So if you think it hasn't escaped my razor-sharp grasp, you might wonder how I can alternatively be pouring my heart out about my eating disorder and denial issues, while poking fun at the saga facing Toronto's mayor - who may or may not be facing some denial of his own - believe me, I get it. Yes, it does seem incongruous for me to respond to this story with anything less than compassion. I guess it is because it is ingrained in my nature to make a joke - and it is distant enough from me that I suppose I feel I have license to do it. Perhaps this speaks to the fact that as a society we are very uncomfortable with seeing someone's demons play out in the public domain, particularly when those demons so closely resemble our own or someone we love. Then it is not so funny - not so funny at all. Something for me to ponder...

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