Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Stereotype Much?

In a blog post in the Sun on costly Vancouver condo prices, Fazil Mihlar writes: 'The City of Vancouver is the "pretty, tall blonde" with a bad attitude who thinks she can get away with being pouty, demanding and carrying on with her expensive habits.' He says buyers are instead opting for the "pretty brunette in Surrey" or the "lovely redhead in Burnaby". Why not the leprous goth girl in Langley? Good Lord, what century are we in?


  1. Fazil Mihlar also highlighted today that the Sun had a poll up on the future of Adrian Dix. Considering the usefulness of polls in the previous six weeks, I found it rather dubious.

  2. I had no idea that condos were female. Where can I find this leprous goth girl in Langley??

  3. As a blonde who has lived in Burnaby, I take issue with this stereotype. Lazy writers and lazy people use stereotypes!