Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Dear Shae Alosius Montgomery Greenfield

Dear Shae, it appears our Prime Minister has adopted the language of a first-grade teacher in responding to his senate woes, saying he is "not happy" and urging the trouble-makers to "leave the room" (what, no time out???). The fact the chamber of lameduckedness (is that a real word?) has invited its' appointees to behave like game show contestants, deserving of lavish trips and expensive appliances is truly not his fault. Besides, as his disgraced chief of staff pointed out, he didn't know the MEANS through which the cash found its way into Mike Duffy's over-size pockets. It could have been dropped by carrier pigeon for all we know. And I don't blame him for forgetting to mention the names of any of the offenders, as he is a busy man with a lot on his mind. The fact they have been dispatched to sit alone in the political out-house should surely be punishment enough? As a communications expert you should pay attention to this lesson in managing issues by not talking. Fortunately it will not require many notes!

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