Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Who Precisely is Bess?

I confess, there is no Bess. I may have met a Bess in my lifetime and I am sure if I did you were a lovely person but I regret I have absolutely no recollection of you and I apologize. KISS had a song about someone named Bess and I think in a delusional moment in my youth I wrote away to join the KISS army, but I digress. When I started this blog I realized I had to call it something. For reasons I can't explain, I thought of the song "Bess, You is My Woman Now"...you know, from the musical. Then I thought, of course, I'll adapt that! So I did. All of this took about five seconds. Now I am stuck with this name and apparently no one but me understands this clever play on words. This is not uncommon. So in summary, the name of this blog means nothing and in retrospect I should have given it a bit more thought. Also, not uncommon.

Postscript: Someone infinitely wiser and with a better memory than me (Jody Paterson) has pointed out the KISS song was "Beth" not "Bess"...you see, I never was a very devoted fan!

Also, the musical in question was Porgy and Bess. Bess, not Beth!


  1. Oh, trust me - my memory is shot for anything other than useless music trivia of a certain era.

  2. For the record, I have 'splained your blog name to two people now - and it comes from the musical (opera, actually) "Porgy and Bess"... I am just so darned proud I knew that one - my cultural knowledge is, according to the boys in my life, pretty dismal!

    1. Thank you oh font of musical knowledge!

    2. Yeah, well, apparently most of the time I don't know what I am talking about or how to even express it correctly, so when I get it right, it is a very big deal these days. ("You don't text WITH someone, Mom... You just TEXT them... Jeesh...")

    3. And here I thought I wouldn't learn anything new today...